Industrial Painting

Blù Max operates in the field of metal carpentry, specialised in industrial painting and coatings for metal structures and machinery.

High viscosity painting cycles

We follow liquid painting cycles on metal products of all sizes. We apply the paint products, even high density, with the aid of suited pumps (pneumatic and piston ones equipped with low pressure, airless, airmix and electrostatic guns) to obtain anticorrosive surface treatments suited to resist weather the aggressions of the atmosphere in any type of environment (coastal areas and industries with permanent condensation and high pollution).

Processed metals

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminium

Sure production timing

Flexibility, speed and accuracy in delivery are the values ​​that our customers appreciate and desire and that we guarantee to every order. Through a scientific planning of the production processes we are a strategic partner that ensures the certainty of the delivery of the painted goods even in these high competition contexts of international markets.

Uniform finishing levels with no imperfections

Thanks to our experience, we are able to obtain a level of uniform applications, with no imperfections, of primers and glazes, for any type and form of metallic carpentry, small or large.

The Sandblasting phase

Sandblasting with steel chips (SA 2 – SA 2.5 – SA 3) is carried out on all types of manufactured products to ensure the removal of any type of impurity from the metal with a roughness that guarantees the perfect adherence of any anti-corrosive treatment on the surface even with high thickness.

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